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Face-to-face interaction is invaluable when you want to identify market opportunities and explore concept or positioning for product or advertising. Bringing the WHYS to life is essential to creating a consumer-driven strategy. When appropriate, "capture the moment" tech adds another dimension to the learnings. KW's  experienced moderators and thorough respondent vetting yield rich findings to help you build actionable strategy.

Sometimes you need numbers to move strategy forward. KW can help you substantiate qualitative insight, identify the risks, rewards & potential of different directions (concept, product, package, or advertising), or take the pulse your target. Tech advances allow incredible opportunity for hybrid methodologies, while KW's exclusive vetting and quality control increase data reliability. Did you DIY a survey? We can add insight to your data.

Every client walks away with actionable learnings, not a report card, presented in your company's style. Who needs an interpreter for research?

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KW Strategems was founded on the principle that research results should be combined with marketing implications.  Our mission is to have every client walk away with identified opportunities and risks in the context of what it means to their business. Our findings go beyond purchase intent and preference scores.  We take research to the next level.

We believe that research should not dictate to marketing, but rather provide the tools to make consumer-driven strategic decisions.

We’re small with an active, vigorous approach to projects and we like it that way.  We don’t want our clients and their businesses to be just another number.


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Melinda has always been fascinated by what makes people take out their wallet or phone and make a purchase. Experienced in ethnography, psychology and cultural anthropology, Melinda knows that making a brand likable doesn’t always make it an auto-buy. She listens closely, watches body “tells” and picks out language linked to emotion, and then translates it into nuggets to drive strategic platforms and strong brand design. One of the most popular report pages is the words/concepts/images to use and lose page.


Melinda also brings strong writing skills to KW. She’s a USA Today and Amazon bestseller. Let Melinda use her love of writing on your latest project (headlines, taglines, concepts).

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